Web Design & Development by Nicholas Howe


The web is empowering businesses of all sizes in new and unexpected ways. While it has served as a great promotional tool for many years, the platform’s power has grown far beyond that now. Wise entrepreneurs are using the modern web to connect with customers and to sell products or services on a global scale. For some, the web provides their sole source of income – their website is their business.

My experience is not limited to my past freelance work. Over the past decade, I’ve served as the sole web developer for a Quincy, IL firm and then for a Hannibal, MO ad agency. As a result, I know what is required to take a project from concept to draft to polished and profitable website or mobile app.

Working with clients directly provides me with the opportunity to discuss and realize online goals without restrictions. More importantly, working as a freelance web developer leaves me with very little overhead. This allows me to launch or update your website or app for much less than you’d pay a small team.

My services include all stages of web design, mobile app development, WordPress implementation, and much more. Visit my portfolio for samples and contact me when you’re ready for a free estimate. You may be surprised to learn how little a responsive, search-optimized website can cost.