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Privacy Policy for Mobile Applications

What’s Covered

This document applies to the following Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore apps:

  • Comedy FX Soundboard
  • Deck of Cards Now!
  • Game Show FX Soundboard
  • Quiziest for Friends & Couples
  • Top Country Music Charts*
  • Top Rap R&B Music Charts*

* Available only in the Play Store

Device Permissions

Applications request a number of permissions under the umbrella of device, media, and network information. These blanket requests require that we ask permission to record audio and access the state of your phone. The applications covered by this document rarely need to leverage these permissions and the requests are made so that apps can play audio and provide relevant advertisements.

Remote Server Requests

Applications listed in the “What’s Covered” section will send requests to remote servers during normal use. The requested data is often displayed to the end user after it is received. Data most commonly requested includes offers and user notices as well as application-specific data like current chart listings. These requests are typically sent during the launch of an application and when refreshing non-static app data.

Public IP Checks

As an app launches, it sends the end user’s public IP address to a remote server where it is checked against a list of known developer IP addresses. This is done to provide developers with additional tools needed to test and enhance applications. IP addresses will not be stored after these checks are complete.

If an app supports in-app purchasing, your IP is sent to a remote server a second and third time. The second check is used to restore previous in-app purchases. During the third check, your IP address is used to determine your region and country as well as the availability of in-app billing in your area.

Offers and Advertisements

The apps covered by this document display offers and advertisements to users. These are presented in many formats, including banner ads, interstitial (full screen) ads, and as native ads that may be displayed alongside normal app content.

These ads are used to monetize applications. Ads that are served from third parties often include links to pages or documents that outline how they send and collect data.

Facebook Integration

These apps integrate with Facebook using the Facebook SDK. With the SDK in place, Facebook records and retains event-related data when users launch an app or complete an in-app purchase, for example. Event data is used to determine how the public interacts with an app and to shape marketing efforts.

Facebook sends user and device-specific meta data along with the details of each app event. This data includes metrics like device type, device capabilities, IP address, time zone, and user preferences.